2011 year

Men Who Like Men Who Like Trannys (2011)


Two men and a tranny is fun that is dandy! And it's extra fine when the chick that is partying with you guys has a rock hard she-pole and a willing,tight asshole!


Dirty Special 19 - Transen (2011)


This is one dirty movie that is not to be missed! For all you Tranny fans out there you’re in for a big surprise! There are four scorching hot scenes featuring a threesome with a Tranny and two men along with men on Tranny scenes! There’s plenty of action suitable for all types of viewers!


Shemale time 1 (2011)

Cast: Hiromi Satou, Chika Yumoto, Saki Himeno, Sayaka Ayasaki, Fuuka Hanasaki


All Time Biggest Transsexual Cocks 4 (2011)

Cast: Adriana Buchechi, Max Scar, Sharon, Martina, Kevin B, Sayurii, Luana Araujo, Beppe, Letizia

Bet you never wrapped your hand around a stiff cock that was so big you couldn't get all the way round it, right? A cock so long that half of it was in a different time zone, right again? Well, get ready for a parade of massive tranny cocks that truly are the biggest of the big! These are huge, throbbing monsters that look more like sausages than


Obsessed With Shemales 4 (2011)


These chicks with dicks are cute and cocky! These men just can't get enough of bouncing tits and raging hard cocks - all on the same lady!


Obsessed With Shemales 5 (2011)


The obsession continues with more breathtaking shemale bodies ready to be violated!


Monster Cock She-Males 2 (2011)

Cast: Claudia Polanski, Sarah Helen, Lucia, Laura Trojono, Shanayra, Daniela, Isabelly Ferraz, Marcela, Wanessa Waitzel, Julia Jhones

International pervert of mystery Nacho Vidal has assembled 12 of his favorite solo Brazilian transsexual scenes from the “House of She-Males” series to create the intriguing compilation disc “Monster Cock She-Males 2.” The director has always sought the best-hung members of the she-male species to capture their private masturbatory rituals and


Italian Shemale 38 (2011)

Cast: Victoria, Max, junior, Luca, Annapaol Gomes, Marcella Lima, Claudia Polansky, Bianca Soarez

With the special participation of Bianca Soarez performing the part of the big Brazilian brother. 4 resounding scenes!!! With the special participation of Bianca Soarez performing the part of the big Brazilian brother. 3 scenes with Transsexual men and women, the whole thing bearing the signature of Andrea Nobili.


Playing with Shemale Dick 4 (2011)

Cast: Melissa, Sofi, Morena, Selia

These she-males are begging for their sexy bodies to be enjoyed. Grab their big soft tits and play with their long hard cocks! You will get an extra surprise in YOUR END, but don’t worry, they’ll keep their end of the “bargain”, and let you explode all over their pretty little faces. Their thick, abnormally large cocks are pulsing and throbbing


Young Tiny Tit Trannies (2011)

Cast: Danielly Marinetto, Paulo Machy, Suzy Valenca, Juliana Nogueira, Andre Garcia, Sabrina Carloni, Alexandre Senna, Fabiola Mebarak

These horny, cock - hungry trannies may not be packing a lot in the chest department, but thy more than make up for it with a big, fat tranny cock! These hot young trannies haven't had time to save up for surgery yet, but that doesn't keep these frisky, foux females from flaunting their tiny she-male tits for all they are worth! So, don't miss


Sleeping With A Shemale 2 (2011)

Cast: Rakel Rodrigues, Matheus Axell, Thayana de Castro, Paulo Machy, Ladyboy Focus, Michelle Charme, Rafaella Lorrane, Thaina Louzada (Taina Loussda), Monica Mattos

Tonight, you're sleeping with a she-male, and you'll have to watch your back in more ways than one. There's nothing she wants more than to stick her fat fucking cock inside of your ass - and then let you do the same to her! They're so horny, and these Brazilian babes want the entire enchilada! Starring; Raquel Rodrigues, Thayana De Castro, Taina


I Love Chicks With Dicks 3 (2011)

Cast: Bianca Lopes, Walkiria Drumond, Danielly Bionda, Bruno Stygmata, Barbara Vasconcellos, Kalena Rios, Kelly Ohana, Carla Renata, Felix Stulback

If you worship shemale babes like we do, then you'll love the amazing chicks with dicks we've collected today. Explore their sensual bodies and offer them sexual satisfaction! Worship everything about these hot shemale bodies from their soft skin, big tits, and hard bodies to their throbbing cocks! So whatever your mood...cock sucking, ass

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