Mature crossdresser obeys his every command

Cast: Cherry

Christian is conducting some business while his mature crossdressing sub Cherry waits patiently for him to call her. He has her bring him a drink and then get on her knees and suck his big dick. Cherry used to be a muscular and handome alpha male, but she has long since given it all up to be his good girl. And that means lots and lots of him


Getting fucked amongst her stuffies

Cast: Alizay Angel

gorgeous TS pet Alizay Angel is organized her stuffies when her man comes home from work with a present for her. Its a brand new stuffie! As she is putting it in place on her bed, he takes her ass right there on her bed. This big dick alpha takes control of Alizay and fucks her hard all over the bedroom before depositing a hot load down her


Double the fun in red lingerie

Cast: Rachel Nova, Seanna Tate

Seanna Tate and Rachel Nova are two fun loving trans starlets looking KILLER in red lingerie. They get together to make out, get naked, and run their hands and mouths all over each other before calling in their favorite stud. He fucks them both vigorously as they cheer each other on while the other gets pounded out bareback. And of course they


Caught cheating now pay the penalty

Cast: Kaela Moon

Kaela Moon sneaks into her professor's office looking for the answers for the midterm. He catches her of course and now she's in a lot of trouble. But getting out of trouble is Kaela Moon's specialty. This sexy trans schoolgirl is ready to give up her ass and soon she is back in his good graces as he rocks her world with his big cock.


Knowing her Professor's weakness

Cast: Nathaly Lisseth

Nathaly Lisseth goes to see her English Professor before the midterm because she hasn't studied at all. Normally this would mean she would fail the class, but Nathaly has an ace up her sleeve. She knows just his weakness is...her massive ass, big tits, and beautiful face. He is so easily seduced that she is getting her ass pounded out bareback


Sexy new porn starlet gets loved up and banged

Cast: Alia Malia

Alia Malia is an all natural trans beauty who knows exactly what she wants...and that's the big dick of Christian XXX in her perfectly round ass. This new porn starlet has the skills, the energy, and the passion to be the next big thing. Watch her ride cock while moaning with pleasure before taking a fat load down her throat


Beautiful trans model takes what she wants

Cast: Syn Stranger

Syn Stranger is a glorious blonde trans starlet with a big ass and massive tits. She is looking fantastic and feeling even better! So when she sees her favorite cock erect and hard, well she knows just what to do. Watch her suck and fuck with a smile on her face in her glorious return to the site.


Nerdy trans schoolgirl turns into sexual dynamo

Cast: Allie Valentine

Allie Valentine is a nerdy and shy trans schoolgirl who is getting some private tutoring for her midterm exam. The professor is attempting to help teach her, but she is really distracted by his obvious big cock. She starts seducing him and although he is shocked, he rolls with it! This nerd turns out to really really really love and enjoy anal sex


Beautiful trans starlet has a romantic encounter

Cast: Ava Holt

Ava Holt is a perfect 10 model with long legs, a perfect figure, long hair, a beautiful face, perky boobs, and a delicious butthole. She meets her man in some lingerie to seduce him into a HOT and STEAMY bareback sex session. This amateur porn starlet is filled with lust and desire and soon she is being filled up with a big dick too!


Seducing the new neighbor

Cast: Asteria Cassatt

Asteria Cassatt has the new neighbor over to say welcome to the neighborhood. She bakes her special red velvet cake and INSISTS that he try a slice. While he is occupied with eating, she makes her move...seducing him while her husband is at the gym. He is powerless to resist her charms and soon this beautiful trans MILF is bouncing her big booty


Tall Tattooed and Horny

Cast: Cleo Alexandria

Cleo Alexandria found a cute guy on Grindr and invited him up to her hotel room for some fun. This gorgeous tattooed minx has a voracious sexual appetite and she wants to see if he can keep up! These two sexual animal go at it with energy and enthusiasm and the results are an INCREDIBLE sex scene!


Petite cutie makes a porno splash

Cast: Seanna Tate

Professor Christian is relaxing and grading some term papers when his favorite trans cutie Seanna Tate arrives. She is an absolutely GORGEOUS babe and when she wants his cock...he is powerless to resist her. Seanna is the perfect babe, sexy, slutty, and irresistible! He fucks her hard all over his study before giving her his creamy goodness to

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