Granny Loves a Tranny (2000)


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Tranny Relationships (2005)


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Chicks With Big Dicks (2005)


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Buddy Wood's Shemale Superstars (2009)

Cast: Danielle Foxxx, Khloe Hart, Olivia Love, Vicki Richter, Yasmin Lee

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Cast: Isabella, Jessie Flores, Luana Varela, Noemi, Olivia Love

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Cast: Olivia Love

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Cast: Kimberly Devine, Olivia Love, Brittany Cox

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Cast: Triani, Sofia, TS Kida Johanna, Olivia Love

Featuring moms with a surprise! Hard shemales in action!


Tranny A-Go-Go (1999)


It was a time of shindigs and smiley faces, Nehru jackets and mini-skirts with dicks in them. Well, maybe our 60's were a little different than most, but either way, we all got groovy and we all got laid...non-stop! Welcome to Chi Chi La Rue's Tranny A Go Go. You Go Go until the wheels fall off Girl!


Girly Boyz (1995)


Olivia has soft, ripe breasts with sensitive erect nipples.


She Male Hooker (1995)


She Male Hooker ! Wearing sexy clothes, Olivia struts her stuff. She's got a lusty body and loves her work.