Hermaphrodite Heroine Sailor Pride (2011)

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Hermaphrodite Heroine Sailor Pride (2011)

Starring: Amemiya Kotone
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011
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Sailor Pride is a fighter battling demons, sealing evil into her body with the powers handed down from the ancestors. The evil force, once absorbed, is turned into heretic semen, causing a firm erection that bothers a futanari (hermaphrodite) fighter Sailor Pride. One day Morte, the dark mastermind of the Demonic clan, plans to release the evil stored in her body into the world by making her ejaculate a lot of sperm. Now Sailor Pride is attacked by humans turned into lesser demons by Morte's evil force, and she tries to turn the possessed humans back to normal by taking in all evil in her body. This is a bold move on her part, and it works, but because Sailor Pride's body has absorbed evil several times more than usual, she can no longer move her body; she is barely able to stand, feeling the intense stimulation in her crotch. Sailor Pride is trapped, with her throbbing erect penis tortured by the hand of Morte, and she tastes the pleasure hell of massive ejaculation!!

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