Obsessed With Shemales 5 (2011)

TS Full Film / 2011 year


Obsessed With Shemales 5 (2011)

Starring: Sabrina Kamoel, Isabella Lobos, Renata Nascimiento, Marcella Italy, Cristina Close
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011
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The obsession continues with more breathtaking shemale bodies ready to be violated! These "girls" have it all...they’re intuitive cock suckers, great dirt road riding, ass licking professionals, they’ve got the tits up top, and that extra special bonus that's oh so useful in case you decide to flip!

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Cookie Monster
Double O’s in the dog house, the cock craving cookie monster is always making a mess, if it isn't cum on the floor it's cookies on the table and this dish called Wanda is going to make him pick up the crumbs and suck them off her rock hard cock!
In the Army Now
Jule is about to leave for the army so now Double can’t suck her cock for 3 years.. Well she hasn’t left just yet!
Barmy Plamy
Barmy Plamy must be crazy, she wants to replace her cute teeny hormone titties with some fully inflated Pamela Anderson fun bags.
Sticking it to the (lady)man!
Business is very very bad we now right now for enticing trans entrepreneur Tanya, just how is she going to pay Double O?
Cleaning, sucking, fucking..
It’s no fun being a full time house slave, not when you have to wear a humiliating leather uniform and spend most of your time on your knees at the mercy of a horny whip loving ladyboy with an insatiable appetite for cock.
One Mean Bitch
Sizzling sex bomb Sumita isn’t the kind of gal to ask nicely, so don’t expect a please or thank you when your made to drop to your knees and tickle her tasty testicle with your tongue.
Dirty Laundry
Feisty fembod Shery is way too busy stroking her pocket rocket cock to do Double O’s laundry, fortunately for devious 00 Shery is hot randy and ready to blow dry his dirty dick with a good old fashion spit shine, and then tumble try his cock, popping it into cherry ass and switching her dirty box into milking mode.

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