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Sluts With Nuts 4 (2009)
She may look like a woman but she fucks like a man. Pretty tranny fucks me down in the most feminine way possible! And I love it!
Super T-Bitches 2 (2012)
Here you have it! Some of the foxiest she-males to ever surprise and satisfy. These hot super T-Bitches like to suck, fuck, and get pounded in their exquisite Transsexual butts
Tranny Cock-Suckers 2 (2010)
These trannies are equipped with ladies lips and a full sized man's cock and they want to pucker up and suck you dry! These are transsexual cocksuckers you can't wait to have blow you! They are ready to satisfy all your gender bender cravings! So enjoy receiving the best of both worlds! Enjoy!
Tranny Seduction 2 (2014)
These trannys are full of feminine wiles, all big tits and sweet girly smiles. I'll admit it, I can't wait to hit it 'cause I've been a victim of tranny seduction!
One Cock Too Many (2006)
When you pick up a beautiful girl, and you take her to your place, things are going pretty good. You're sucking on those big firm tits, and she's sucking your cock. it's all good. But wait, there's more a lot more she drops her panties and now there's 2 cocks, yours and hers! So what do you do? Bend over and let this beautiful tranny give it to you right up the ass, and she'll be more than happy to return the favor! T-girls like pussy too!

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