Housewives With Nuts (2012)

TS Full Film / 2012 year 27 June, 2020
Housewives With Nuts (2012)

Housewives With Nuts (2012)

Starring: Leticia Venture, Coco, Mike West, Joyce, Bruna Close
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2012

As any woman and she'll probably tell you that a man want things both ways. Well, these rocking babes are well equipped to give these guys exactly what they want. With big cocks and even bigger knockers, AC/DC anal queens know how to make him feel like he's really the king of the castle. Yes, they have big butts and they are real sluts but what makes these horny housewives special is their man-nuts. A stay-at-home cock really rocks!

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Housewives With Nuts 2 (2012)
These hot housewives are in rare form. Giving them a bit of love is what they are asking for. Come on, don't be shy! They've got the bananas and they've also got the nuts to mix it up. Witness them eagerly fucking and get fucked in their hungry trannie bubble bottoms! Housewives with nuts is where the party is.
My Dream Shemale 11 (2010)
These She-males are so hot, you must be dreaming! In your dreams, you experience the ultimate pleasure that you get the best of both worlds, a cushy woman with a hard dick.... And for the good news is that you're not dreaming and they are ready to get naked and get fucked for your pleasure!
My Transexual Girlfriend (2007)
You just got to love it! These guys want you to meet their girlfriends! How would you like to sink your cock into these chicks with dicks! Enjoy!
Sluts With Nuts (2009)
Babes with balls, women with weenies, sluts with nuts; anyway you call it she is the girl with something extra that you just gotta have!
Sluts With Nuts 2 (2009)
Don't die wondering! Go for it at least once. She has big, round tits, beautiful legs, and an ever ready cock, and can satisfy all of your t-girl desires!These lovely ladies are definitely the best of both worlds, and who doesn't want to have their cake and eat it too? She is every bit a woman but still all man!

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