Cocked and Loaded 2 (2007)

TS Full Film 25 June, 2020
Cocked and Loaded 2 (2007)

Cocked and Loaded 2 (2007)

Starring: Juliana, Monik, Alexia, Anjoliny
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2007

Look out! These chicks are packin’ heat, and that weapon is cocked, fully loaded, and just waiting to explode. So if you like to live dangerously and like your chicks to have a dick…then grab it and pull the trigger!

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Cocked and Loaded 3 (2007)
Put that thing away before you hurt somebody! These horny trannies are cocked, loaded, and ready for hardcore in all out bang and suck fest that will have you begging for more!
Cocked and Loaded 4 (2007)
These beautiful trannies are packing great big loads that are ready to explode beacuse their sherpds are cocked and fully loaded for the ultimate, hardcore, transsexual action!
Cocked and Loaded 5 (2007)
Make no mistake she may be all woman but she still every bit a man! Her great big she-rod is cocked, loaded and ready for the ultimate transsexual action!
Cocks In Frocks 6 (2004)
Boys and girls. Normally it is easy to tell one form the other. But here’s the deal, there is nothing normal about this show. If you’ve see any of the previous five in this series, you already know that. These are special shows that showcase “special people”…especially for you. So kick back with some really “different” entertainment tonight…It’s all right here! Have fun.
Trans Gender Bender 3 (2002)
Tits and dicks but no clits - all in one package. Watch as these amazing she-males do it all. Starring Nefertiti, she of the most beautiful ass in the world, Anastasia, Kimberley and the fabulous Vo D'Balm. Get ready for some hot and horny honeys ready to please men, women, and each other! It's an all-out transvest-fest! Come join us as we trans-port to a world where she-males rule and the men all drool.


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