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Capitalize Shibosei Device (2020)
Junges Fraulein Mit Spritz-Schwanz (2003)
Transsexual Debutantes 6 (2003)
And the beat goes on Transexxual Debutantes 6, introducing Carmen a greatTrannie with a cock the size of an Italian Salami between her legs,and she knows what to do with it and enjoys her boys thoroughly, anally and orally!
Legally Blonde
Who says you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure? When things get slow at work for Raquel Rodrigues, she knows exactly how to brighten up her day. This long haired blonde shemale babe just slips out of her little black dress and teases her big boobs until the nipples are diamond hard. Then she slides her panties down her long legs setting her juicy shemeat free before wrapping a hand around the shaft and stroking herself happy. Raquel keeps tugging until her cum squirts onto her tummy and she sighs in pure satisfaction.
Hairdressing Tranny Orgy
Its time for makeovers and these shemales know their stuff when it comes to making themselves and each other beautiful. Erika, Raquel, Karen and Keize also know what it takes to make each others shedicks hard and throbbing with need. These shemale hotties get down on a mattress on the floor stripping off their clothes to expose their gorgeous racks and delicious girl poles. They can’t resist getting a taste of each others shemeats before they use them to anal fuck each other. They pump each others bums hot and hard before squirting their cum loads on their partners bodies.


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