Transsexual Beauty Queens 28 (2006)

TS Full Film 06 June, 2020
Transsexual Beauty Queens 28 (2006)

Transsexual Beauty Queens 28 (2006)

Starring: Diana (o) Ambar Denise (o) Coral (o) Denis Taylor Milan Breeze Lucky Long
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2006

These four gorgeous she males really know how to pleas a guy! They give as good as they get and they love messy facials! “Transsexual Beauty Queens 28” is active and passive! Enjoy!

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T-Girls On Film 44 (2010)
Hot T-Girls from Sodom Video baring it all and giving up their sexy Tranny ass! Starring, Izabela, Alexandre Rocco Brasil, Celina, Wesley, Jessica, Elizanyela, Alex, Duda Lirol, Willy, Carlos, Moniquinha and Pablo.
The Afterparty
Amanda and Nicole are out clubbing but leave after getting horny and want some hot sex! They cruise by to see if Priya is home and get an added bonus, Smitha. Amanda and Nicole are always competing with each other so they think up a contest for this little night of sex. The contest will be who can cum more. Putting condoms on Amanda, Nicole and Priyas cock will mean there is lots of cum! The question is, who will win?
The Study Date
Christine and her mate have to study. Becky does not live too far from campus so they decide go to Becky's house. What could happen? Surely, even if Christine got horny, nothing could happen. Right?
The Homecoming
GO TEAM GO! When Aisha was in college, she was not on the cheerleader squad but that does not mean that she did not get into the locker room. Aisha decides to go to the homecoming game and take Priya along with her. There will be more cheerleaders then Aisha can satisfy so Priya will get a chance break in the new girls in the squad. DEEPER! DEEPER! CUM!
The Wedding
Christine goes to the wedding of her friend from college, Becky. Both Christine and Becky are horny but there is a problem, the groom might not be happy with his wife getting fucked by a girl with a bigger cock then him! There is a solution though. What if the groom joins is?

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