Brazilian She-Males - Eating Alessandra (2000) - TS Bruna

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Brazilian She-Males - Eating Alessandra (2000) - TS Bruna

Brazilian She-Males - Eating Alessandra (2000)

Starring: Bruna, Alessandra, Danny, Barbara, Barbora, Camilla, Christiane, Cristiane, Juliana, Luciana
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2000

Oh Yeah! Who can really say that they are not curious about seeing what a hot babe with a huge cock is capable of?...Well if you ever wanted to know then here's the chance...these Brazilian sluts with nuts are ready to unload the man milk from their fuzzy kiwis'. Watch as they invade some man ass with their shim cocks...get ready for some island fun!

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