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I Love Sleeping Back Daughter Outstanding Style AV Debut! (2019)
Buddy Wood's Shemale Superstars (2009)
“This is the one you’ve been waiting for! The top transsexual superstars together in one DVD, Vickie Richter, Danielle Foxxx, Khloe Hart, Olivia Love, & Yasmin Lee- the million dollar lineup! This isn’t your ordinary shemale DVD! See the girls in Buddy Wodd’s unique style with guest director Danielle Foxxx shooting her first ever scenes. Buddy gets in depth and personal with these shemale superstars shooting them at the beach at their homes, and more!”
Real Graduation Memorial Yukino Akari BEST 4 Hours (2019)
If you look at this, it can be seen all of Yukino Akari-chan! The concentrated packed with Gyugyu 8 Movies 12 corner that has been carefully selected to 240 minutes! As a further benefit, the special recorded SEX down take of Japan premiere! The charm of history superlative Shemale Akari I Tokoton can enjoy! Even not fan must see Special Edition! Gem of work too extravagant!
Alice la Spacca CU...ori (2009)
AV Debut Working Shemale I Look Like This And It's (2019)

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