Men Who Like Men Who Like Trannys 2 (2012)

TS Full Film / 2012 year 30 January, 2020
Men Who Like Men Who Like Trannys 2 (2012)

Men Who Like Men Who Like Trannys 2 (2012)

Starring: Jacklynn, Jasmin, Maggie
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2012

These boys are taking a walk on the wild side with their fuck buddies and these hot chicks with throbbing dicks! Even though they love a little man-gina every now and then; these boys are still gay - they just like to play. Watch as they double team four of the hottest T-girls from across the border! It's like being with a chick only better, because she's got a dick! So cum on down to double dick these cock hungry shemales for double the pleasure and triple the sticky load!

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My Girlfriends A Tranny 2 (2008)
Look out, cause my hot looking chick's got a dick! Luscious legs, great big tits, and a cock hungry man-gina makes her the best girlfriend in town!
My Mom Has Balls (2008)
Sure they're great mothers but they're so much more! These sexy tranny mamas have big tits, great asses and big hard cocks! They suck a dick better than most women; shit, better than a fucking hoover! And they take an ass pounding pretty damn well too! Who could ask for more in a mom?
She Male Tails (2010)
I want to jump on and ride that rail and I need to nail me some sweet she male tail! I'm gonna bang this tranny like a drum! These sexy shemales have it all - soft tits, a big ass and a huge cock...and they are ready to suck and fuck. Men just love getting the best of both worlds with these horny T-girls! Watch them get a furious fucking and spray their hot sticky loads everywhere for an explosive ending at the end of every scene!
Busty Ana Screws Andrey And Gets It Too
Stunning brunette transsexual Ana Paula Samadhi lays on the chair in skimpy lingerie, and a hot Latino stud is more than tempted by her charms. He licks and sucks on her beautiful tits before she helps him undress and kneels to suck his hard cock. He returns the favor by giving her a blow job, and he bends over to take her dick deep up his tight ass. He climbs on top to bounce on her rod reverse cowboy, and she also has her butt hole reamed doggy style. They both finally jerk their loads all over her.
He gives her a short rimmer to prep her ass
Nicole DiCastro needs a big thick cock to fuck her, she's doing everything but beg for it from the moment you set eyes on her! Paulo Marks wastes little time on foreplay, getting that young mouth wrapped tight around his rigid fuck-stick. Half-naked, her head bobs up and down but it's not enough and Paulo knows it. He gives her a short rimmer to prep her ass for what she aches for, and she licks his flesh-pop again to be sure he's completely solid. Then it's balls deep in tranny ass as the two lusty fuck-buddies go from one position of pleasure to the next!


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