To teach her a lesson

Transsexual Clips 17 March, 2012
To teach her a lesson

Starring: Juliette Stray
Categories: Transsexual
Length: 31 minutes
Resolution: 960x540
Format: wmv
Size: 630mb

Hollie Stevens is fed up with her slob roommate, Juliette Stray. She comes home and finds her sprawled out on the couch eating like a pig and making a mess. To teach her a lesson, she first makes Juliette lick her asshole and pussy. Then, she has her crawl on all fours, oinking like a little piggie. The punishment continues as Hollie shoves an orange in her mouth and takes her hot, tranny cock into her mouth to show her just how she expects her strap-on dildo to be sucked. Once nice and wet, Hollie shoves that dildo up her tight ass, banging her hard until she's almost ready to cum. When she's close, she makes Juliette cum on some Sushi and eat it out of Hollie's ass.

To teach her a lesson


ju.part3.rar (134.0 Mb)
ju.part2.rar (250.0 Mb)
ju.part1.rar (250.0 Mb)

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