Adorable Trans 2 (2022)

TS Full Film / 2022 year


Adorable Trans 2 (2022)

Adorable Trans 2 (2022) (Adorables Trans 2)

Starring: Eden Rose, Kate Zoha (Kate Zone), Emma Rose, King Epicleus, Jojo Hunt, Danii Star (Dani Star)
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2022

Beautiful transsexuals give themselves a very intense pleasure... They are totally free in their head and with their beautiful body, a must see.

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Getting Fucking Crazy
Janny, Alice, and Marcelle are three, very passable, tantalizing, raven haired transexuals Goddess’s, with luscious pink cigars. Alice and Marcelle, and their boy toy, are playing a video game, when trans-dominant Janny, and her stud arrive, for a different kind of game. Alice ravenously sucks Janny’s huge cock, while Marcelle savors sucking the stud’s savor sausage, effortlessly deep throating him, before it becomes a giant suckfest, with every prick being sucked and stroked. Then, Alice and Marcelle get into doggie, glutinously sucking their boy toy, while Janny and the stud, ardently pound thier horse cocks, into them, as they moan and yelp, in enraptured jubilation. Janny then, vehemently drills her donkey dick into Marcelle, lying on her side, while the stud fervently plows his giant cock into Alice, in missionary, filling the room, with the ecstatic rhapsody of their elated moans. Then, the boy toy rides Janny’s monster cock, while Marcelle frantically slams her ass, onto the stud’s towering tool, in reverse cowgirl, as they moan and cry out, in lecherous exultation. Their frenzied fucking continues, until the boy toy shoots his wad all over himself, as Janny squirts her joy juice, onto Marcelle’s ass, and Alice cums all over herself, while riding the stud, in reverse cowgirl, before she jerks him off, as pretty, nasty Marcelle finishes up, by frenetically jerking off her pleasure probe, until it erupts, with a gusher of goo. Alls well that ends gooey.
Fucking A TILF
Liza is a beguiling, brunette, transexual TILF, with a natural body, and delectable pink cigar. Her stud obsessively sucks, her extra large, joy stick, with ravenous, lewd, and licentious avarice, while fingering her asshole, unleashing a rhapsody of her euphoric moans. She reciprocates, by gluttonously sucking his jumbo sized Johnson, with sluttish gusto, glee, and adept oral prowess, effortlessly deep throating him, balls deep. Laying her back on a chair, he ardently plows his titanic tool, into her ass bareback, as she moans and wails ecstatically. He then, puts her doggie, vehemently pounding his monster cock into her ass, while she moans and squeals, in whorish rapture. In a spectacular visual display, with one leg resting on a shelf, he sensually works his beefy battering ram into her ass, in standing doggie, while she moans and cries out, in libidinous exultation. Proving that she can give, as good as, she can take, she fingers his ass, while sucking his cock, to prepare him, for her wonder whang, which she intensely drives into him bareback, as he lies on a table, jerking off, moaning gratefully. He then, crouches on the table like a monkey, while she stands behind him, zealously slamming her mega cock into his ass, while he whimpers and moans, in sluttish jubilation. For the finale, she sits on his chest, jacking off, to fire a jet stream of jism, all over his face, leaving him glazed and dazed, then he jerks off, spewing his load all over his belly.
A Holiday DAP
Janny is stunning, bright eyed, vivacious raven haired, super hung transexual siren, with a toned, womanly body. Dressed in red, sexy, Santa garb, she is a special present, that two studs eagerly unwrap. She fucks one guy, with a large dildo, in doggie, while a black stud drives his monster cock, into her sublime ass, bareback, for a doggie daisy chain, as they moan euphorically. Then, she savors sucking her ass juice, from his humongous cock, while his pal, jerks her off, then drills his donkey dick, into her in doggie, as she moans and sucks, with impassioned ardor. She then, mounts his ebony tower of power, in anal cowgirl, while his buddy slides in, for some double anal, X-mas magic, while she moans ecstatically. Spinning around, into anal reveres cowgirl, she thrusts her massive meat stick, into one stud’s mouth, while she bounce her ass, onto the other’s towering tool, while she moans and cries out, in lecherous exultation. Believing in togetherness, one stud, slides his horse cock, into her ass, next to his black buddy, for another double anal pounding, as she moans and squeals, in sluttish jubilation, while jerking off her colossal cock. Laying her down in missionary, her sable stud, vigorously plows his dinosaur dick into her, while she frenetically jerks off, moaning in debauched rapture, until she spews her sweet nectar all over herself, followed by her studs drenching her face and tits, with a monsoon of creamy cum, making it a white glazed X-mas.
Fucking Around with the Fucking Machine
Alice is a tall, sexy, slender, raven haired, tantalizing, transsexual temptress, with a hefty pink cigar. She begins our scene, with a teasing strip, while playing with a large dildo, then fucking her tight ass with it, as she strokes her scrumptious savory sausage. Her boy toy enters to take over dildo duties, while earnestly licking her asshole, and stroking her joy stick, while she moans euphorically, before he directs our Fuck 6000 mechanical, piston driven, fucking machine, to steadily plunge it’s indefatigable faux prick into her ass, in doggie, while she sucks on the other dildo, like a big pacifier, moaning ecstatically. Our svelte, sexual siren, lies on her side, while the 6000 continues. to plow it’s silicon cock into her ass with resolute resolve, as she moans and cries out, in sluttish exultation, while she alternates stroking her friends hard cock, and her own. Once they move into a tasty 69, to satisfy thier mutual oral yearnings, she has the 6000 fervidly fuck him, so that he may share in the exquisite bliss that it can deliver. For the finale, she frenetically jerks off her steely shaft, then when ready, fucks his mouth, as she fills it, with a load of her creamy cum, that drips down his chin, while she jerks off, all over his belly, leaving him a satisfied glazed cum receptacle.

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