Anal Machine Ream

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Anal Machine Ream

Starring: Gabrielly Ferraz, 20
Categories: She-male
Length: 20 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 830mb

Gabrielly is a stunning, tall, statuesque, transsexual goddess, with the firm, fit, womanly body of a dancer, silky, brown hair, buttery, golden-brown skin, and a mouth-watering, savory sausage. This drop-dead gorgeous tranny hottie walks into frame, giving us a jaw-dropping view of her sublime ass, before mesmerizing us with a bewitching, striptease, while she sensually caresses her divine body, and defiantly strokes her big, thick, delicious dick. Watching this alluring siren kneeling in doggie, while she twerks her heavenly ass, as the Fuck 6000, our piston-driven fucking machine, rhythmically fucks her pretty mouth, is an awe-inspiring vision of exalted, erotic wonder. With her motor revved, she has the 6000 stalwartly fuck her superb ass in doggie, then while she lies on her side, groaning ecstatically. The 6000 continues pummeling her ass, as she lies on her back, vigorously jacking off her luscious cock, while moaning elatedly. Her frenetic jerking off culminates in a stupendous, soul-wrenching orgasm that spills her sweet nectar on her thigh, leaving her with a big, satisfied smile on her face.

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Gaby is a stunning, exotic, dark haired, tattooed, transsexual goddess, with small, natural breasts, a heavenly ass that is to die for, and a sweet, succulent, savory sausage. Adorned in sexy, black bra, G-string, garter, and fishnet stockings, she performs a mesmerizing striptease that Mata Hari would envy. Once naked, she savors sucking a large dildo, with whorish relish, as she steadily strokes her rigid rod, while groaning euphorically. Then, she attaches the dildo to our mechanical marvel, the Fuck 6000, a piston-driven fucking machine, which rhythmically fucks her pretty mouth, to tickle her tonsils, as she groans rapturously. Ready for more, she has the 6000 diligently drill its gargantuan, faux-cock into her sublime ass in standing doggie, then doggie, while she moans and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions. Next, she lies back in a chair, sensually stroking her wonder whang, as the 6000 plumbs the depths of her carnal cavern with its indefatigable, silicon prick, while she moans and cries out, in hedonistic exultation. When her passions reach their zenith, she erupts in a spectacular, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm, spilling her sweet nectar all over herself for a gorgeous, gooey ending.
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Mariana’s an alluring, tattooed, brown skinned, buxom, brunette, transsexual eye-full, with sultry, hypnotic eyes, and a big, fat, juicy dick, wearing only a bright-red, G-string, bra, and black, thigh-high, patent-leather boots. After mesmerizing us with her striptease, she sensually sucks a monstrous dildo, while seated, then later standing, while firmly stroking her enormous, beefy, tongue depressor, groaning elatedly. Granted, this may be a stretch, but she reminds me of a young Raquel Welch, when she starred in One Million B.C. assuming Raquel had some tats, and a splendiferous, horse cock. Admiringly, this mental connection may be due to her having portrayed a transsexual, who tied up and ass raped a conceited stud, in the movie Myra Breckenridge. The bottom line is Mariana is smoking-hot. After attaching the dildo to the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, she revels in it fucking her pretty mouth, as she jacks off her rigid rod, while moaning euphorically. She then has the 6000 resolutely drill its humongous, faux-cock up her heavenly, round ass in standing doggie, as she jerks off, moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. Next, she lies back in the chair with her legs spread wide, moaning and wailing, in depraved jubilation, frantically jacking off her gargantuan prick, as the 6000 plumbs the depths of her cave of carnal cravings. In conclusion, she explodes in a stupendous orgasm that spills her sweet, creamy ambrosia all over herself.
La Mia Prima Volta In Culo (2002)
Olga Conti is a cool model in the studio of Oliver Buzz. She perfectly works with her tongue and waved with a crazy amplitude. She has all the data to grow into a real star. To do this, you need to work hard on yourself and give yourself all on the site to your favorite business - sex. She does it. And as for the first experience of anal sex ... What, in essence, is the difference to us - the first time or the hundredth?
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Baby got back...and balls! She shakes her phat ass for the camera and for the man she's trying to seduce, and she doesn't bother to tuck her balls either. What a sexy sight!Folks, it's that time again. Another Big booty TS is back here with us! Showing off that huge round badonk ass is lovely Bruna Butterfly. Bruna is one hot Brazilian T-girl who loves having her tight ass rammed and fucked! One look at this beauty and you will fall deep in love with that brown luscious ass. Some oil action, some rubdown action and then right to the hardcore fucking! Let's get right down to it folks. The sexy and beautiful Brazilian Bombshell Bruna Butterfly in "Bruna's Big Badonk"!Danielly Colucci can definitely shake that ass better than most. With an ass like that it simply comes natural. She has a throbbin' she-cock and body that simply kills! She can suck dick and ride it like a pro also. Our cameraman can barely contain himself because of the amount of ass that's in front of him. She slurps that cock dry. Danielly loves herself a good pounding. Let's hop right into the action folks!Danna Palacio is one of those faces that you won't soon forget. One glance at that gorgeous face and you will pitch a tent in a heartbeat. This one is just simply perfection folks. Watch her in her pretty pink outfit jump up and down on that huge cock! That ass is simply out of hand. One way to describe her is definitely cock hungry. Let's get right to the action now in "Pretty in Pink."When it comes to huge transsexual badonk asses nobody does it better than the lovely Lexie Beth. This ass is one of the hottest and roundest in the industry! Just look at it, there's not even words to describe it when it comes to carrying a giant amount of meat back there. Our boy Mark Anthony knows what's up when it comes to these huge TS asses and he loves himself some Lexie Beth action. This Colombian gal knows what she's working with. She rides that black cock like it's her last fuck ever! She simply enjoys that huge black cock so much. By far folks this is one scene you won't soon forget. Hardcore transsexual interracial action is what's in store for the weekend. Let's hop right into it with the sexy Lexie Beth in "Tearing Up That Ass."

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